Anita Ammersfeld

First Release: 2. Belz (A. Olschinetzki / J. Jaakobs)

Album Anita Ammersfeld singt jiddische Lieder
Released September 9, 1997
Style Vocal. Yiddish
Belz is the name of a small town like hundreds of its kind where Jews from Galicia, Poland, Lithuania, Belorus, and the Ukraine used to live until 1942. The song tells of the nostalgia and longing for the place of a joyous childhood long gone.
Paul Fields (violin), Horst Hausleitner (clarinet, sax), Josef Burchartz (trumpet), Hans Bichler (trombone), Bernhard Krinner (guitar), Hans Danzer (contrabass), Anton Mühlhofer (percussion), Roman Grinberg (piano, keyboards)