Eddie Fisher

First Release: 18. Belz (That Wonderful Girl of Mine) - [4:05]

Album Eddie Fisher at the Winter Garden
Released LP (03.1963 / 05.1963) ; CD 12.1999
Label Taragon / Ramrod
Produced Eliot Goshman
Review by John Bush
After a long break from live performance, Eddie Fisher returned to the stage in May 1962. The first released document of his show was At the Winter Garden, recorded in October of that year. Fisher's voice is solid as he tackles a varied repertoire including old-guard standards as well as contemporary material including a West Side Story medley; "Tonight," "Maria," "Something's Coming" and a couple of numbers recently made popular in a live, swinging setting by Bobby Darin "Mack the Knife," and "Hava Nagilah"). The remastering is only fair there's some hiss low in the mix but fans will delight at the hour's worth of prime Eddie Fisher