Nussbaum, Smidl, Ougaard

First Release: 1. Beltz (Alexander Olschanezky/Jacob Jacobs) [5:24]

Album Trio Klezmer
Released 02 April 2002
Label Kinky Klezmer Records, KKR 007
Channe Nussbaum: lead vocals
Řyvind Ougaard: accordion
Mette Smidl: violin
Channe Nussbaum had already achieved fame as a Danish pop star when she began exploring Jewish music with the Spielniks. Here she takes us on a quieter excursion, accompanied only by accordion and violin. The focus on this album is more intimate, less flashy, less sexual. And whether she is singing old standards such as "Shein vi di Levune" (how pretty is the moon) or that Olschanezky tearjerker, "Belz", or new compositions such as her own "Golda" or "Jidishe Neshume", the result is very, very satisfying.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow 6/21/03