Richard Smerin

First Release : 4. Belts

Album Ikh Vel Nisht Fargesn
Released 2000
Produced Richard Smerin
'Ikh Vel Nisht Fargesn' tells the story of the Jewish population of Fürth from November 9th 1938, to the deportations of 1942. Containing songs in English and in Yiddish, including vocals from Richard's brother Barry Smerin, (Professor of Yiddish and Jewish History) this monumental work has been described as: "the first real musical composition in the English language, depicting a Bavarian town during the Shoa".

'Ikh Vel Nisht Fargesn' is displayed in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, the Imperial War Museum, London, the Holocaust Museum, Washington and many other notable locations, but NOT in the "Jewish" Museum of Fürth.